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Bath and Trim
Professional pet shampoos,appropriate for each
Warm Super Sudser bubble bath
Warm air fluff dry
Trim according to each breed's needs: feet,
toenails, face, and private areas

Hair Cut
Quality cut according to the breed standard to look
blended and balanced
Special attention to the owner's individual requests

Shed Control
Using specialized tools to gently remove undercoat
and dead hair
Reduces shedding at home

Grinding/filing nails for a smooth, shorter finish
Expressing anal glands to address health and
odor concerns, especially for the smaller dogs.

A matted coat causes extra problems for the pet,
extra time and work for the groomer, and wear-and-
tear on grooming equipment.
Plan on a more intensive grooming session for a
pet with a matted coat.
Having your pet bathed and trimmed regularly will
save you and your pet time, money and discomfort.
Lillie and Pippa
Specialized Shed Control