A Look Inside
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My van is a 2007 Wag-N-Tails van.  Wag-N-Tails is a company that specializes in grooming vans and   
trailers.  They've been in business since 1971.
Mine has an electric table, a Super Sudser (like a "hydrosurge") that gets the dogs and cats extra clean.
I have a hot water heater and an Air Force dryer and heat dryer.
I carry 50 gallons of fresh water and have a holding tank for my dirty water.  I run on a large generator which
carries all my electricity.
The van is kept sparkling clean and disinfected.  I use clean towels for each dog or cat.
The van has a heating/air conditioning unit to keep everyone comfortable inside, no matter what the weather
is outside.
On the Grooming Table
Big Boy Gets a Bath
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In theTub
inside grooming