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Cathy has been grooming dogs and cats professionally
for 34 years, and owned her own shop for 15 years.  She
is a member of the International Society of Canine
Cosmetologists (
ISCC).  She attends educational
seminars, specialized classes, and competitions each
year, including the annual Pet Pro Classic in Dallas.
International Society of Canine Cosmetologists
Cathy has loved animals, especially dogs, since she was
a small child.  She began grooming professionally right
out of high school in 1973.  Cathy attends the ISCC
annual seminars to stay on top of the latest grooming
techniques, equipment and clips for each breed.

Cathy began her Grooming In Motion business in 2005
and has been very successful.

Clients love the convenience of Cathy coming to your
house so you don't have to make 2 trips to the grooming
shop.  Your pet will be completely groomed within 1-2
hours, depending on the clip and condition of the coat.
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Big Boy and Briley win
the Dance Contest!
Briley and Big Boy
Cathy and Puppy
Dancing Partners
Fur Ball 2017